Everybody’s Awesome!

Today is National day of Awesomeness!

What does awesomeness mean to you?

The standard dictionary definition of ‘awesome’ is: ‘extremely impressive, inspiring awe!’

Cool, I’m liking that!

However, I’m liking the urban dictionary meaning even more!

‘The meaning of being awesome is you. You are the definition of awesome!’

I love this! Sometimes is easy to forget how awesome we actually are! And to trust in our gut instinct and be true and authentic to ourselves.

Remember, the more awesome you are, the more awesome everyone around you will feel.

Sometimes it’s easy to slip into self doubt or not feeling good enough or fear of failure. I used to live in that place before I discovered how awesome I actually am! And if I ever forget now, I have awesome friends who remind me!

I mix with awesome people, so I become even more awesome myself!

I also remember how far I’ve come and what I’ve achieved! After all, 3 1/2 years ago, I could hardly walk and was chronically ill with fibromyalgia and cfs and now I dance for 2 hours, walk, lead a busy life and have booked a week long dance course in August! I never thought I would be able to do that again! And now I’m a master NLP practitioner helping people to become even more awesome than they already are! 💜

I think that all makes me pretty awesome 😎 💜🙏

Here are some good affirmations linked to this:

I am awesome

I am enough

I can achieve all I want to achieve

I love myself

I believe in myself

Say each one that resonates with you, into the mirror, out loud, three times. Really breathe into the words and believe them.

Do what makes your heart sing. Do what makes your soul smile. Be authentic. Be true to you.

Be freakin’ awesome! 💜

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Be awesome! 💜

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