‘Let it go, that perfect girl is gone’

In the words of Elsa from Frozen, ‘Let it go, that perfect girl is gone.’ I was working this morning, whilst listening to my positive playlist and ‘let it go’ came on. I have it there as a reminder that I can let go of whatever doesn’t serve me. That’s the bit I usually focus on. Today, however, ‘that perfect girl is gone’ are the words that jumped out at me. When I had Fibromyalgia and CFS, I was always pushing myself to be perfect, despite everything being so much effort due to chronic fatigue, pain and brain fog. During my recovery, I realised that I was striving for something I wasn’t ever going to achieve. I wasn’t ever going to be the perfect girl I was hoping to be. As soon as I realised it was ok to be good enough, and I said it enough times that I actually started to believe I was good enough, I realised that was enough. I am good enough! It doesn’t mean I can’t do my best, but I am not now chasing something I will never achieve. I am awesome and I am good enough and I am much happier and healthier and freer now! So next time you’re striving to be perfect, remember, it’s ok to be good enough.

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