Stronger than Yesterday!

I have a positive playlist that I listen to often, to lift me. Sometimes certain words jump out at me to give me reminders. So, my next blog posts are going to be linked to songs that provide reminders and boosts to me.

So, today’s blog is inspired by Britney Spears!

Sometimes life throws us some awful things, we can moan about them, feel negative about them and let them rule our life or we can embrace them, try to get through them, grabbing any possible positives there may be from them and let them help us to become stronger and shape us to become an even better version of ourselves than we were.

I know I am so much stronger than I used to be. I know I’m strong, when I consider I recovered from 11 1/2 years of fibromyalgia and CFS when doctors said I would always have it. Although actually carrying on with the illness proved how strong I actually am too. Just one example of my inner strength. We have lots of things in life that happen to throw us off course. It’s these challenges that can make us grow and become stronger.

All the things in life that we have to deal with make us stronger. To use lyrics from another song- ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

The song ‘Stronger’ is one of my new Sam anchors and helped me greatly in my recovery.

If I’m feeling in need of a reminder how far I’ve come or I need to remember I am strong and resilient (which I also say daily as an affirmation), I listen to Britney who reminds me ‘I’m stronger than yesterday!’🎶🎶

I dance around to it and I feel much stronger and dancing also helps me to stay out of my internal chatroom and get into my body.

Try it. Let me know how it goes.

And remember, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve if you believe you can because you are stronger than yesterday.

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