Sparkle without Glitter ✨

Two weeks ago, I was helping with make up and backstage for the dance show my daughter was in. The make up included glitter. A little girl said she wanted to do my make up, so I let her put glitter on my face. I forgot it was there!

The chair of the ballet club told me I sparkle without glitter. This got me thinking! Throughout my adult life, once I’ve lost my spark with something, I’ve known it was time to stop. When I gave up full time classroom teaching because I had lost my spark- it came back when I realised I could still teach without doing it full time! And I did it alongside being a make up artist. Now I do tutoring and teaching at a museum alongside coaching and Reiki. It’s variety that makes me sparkle. I like doing lots of different things. I always have. Some people have found it strange that I haven’t had just one job since I was thirty!

I just love each job I do and love the variety I get!

I used to sing and dance in amateur musicals. I stopped because it became too much when I had fibromyalgia. When I recovered, I then realised that I could now choose not to perform in shows rather than being forced not to do them. I recently left a singing group I had been in for 8 years. Not because I didn’t want to be in it anymore, in fact, the last concert was the best concert we had performed in!

It was because learning all the songs had become a chore. When something becomes a chore, it’s not enjoyable anymore. And I like my life to be enjoyable. My hobbies and my working life.

I started singing at home, for fun and have got my spark back for singing too.

So what makes me sparkle without glitter? Helping people, being with my likeminded friends, dancing, singing, my kids, dressing up, doing what makes my heart sing, being authentically me!

What makes you sparkle without glitter?

Do you do enough things that make you sparkle without glitter?

Does your work make you sparkle without glitter?

If you answered no to the last two questions, what would it take to change that?

Then take massive action to change that NOW!

If you’re not sure how to do this, then book a FREE 30 minute discovery call with me NOW.

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2 thoughts on “Sparkle without Glitter ✨”

  1. I’m rediscovering my inner glitter, and loving the simple things in life. The biggest change came from attending a session from this lovely lady. She helped me to realise that I can do anything. Thanks Sam x


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