Feel the fear, breath and conquer!

Have there been times in your life when you’ve wanted to do something, but your inner voice tells you that you can’t and gives you loads of reasons that make feel you’re not good enough?

During my recovery from fibromyalgia and CFS, I had to fight through lots of fears to become the confident person I am now. I had dramatic change and transformation.

When I had my car accident at the beginning of July, it took lots of my confidence with it, as well as causing physical injuries.

It took me lots of NLP and hypnosis to get into my car, but I was convinced everyone was going to bump into me. I got panic attacks. Through self hypnosis and NLP, I started to begin to trust other drivers and I gradually became more confident driving short, familiar journeys. My car was written off and I chose to buy virtually the same car (even the same colour!) with the money I received. That gave me more confidence.

After eight weeks, I finally felt up to driving a three hour round trip, which was conquering lots of fears.

During this time I was feeling unconfident about marketing my business, so I started working on my confidence with NLP. I couldn’t understand why I was suddenly lacking in confidence.

The next day I had to take my son to an appointment. As I drive towards the motorway, I realised what the real fear I needed to conquer was- to drive on a motorway. I couldn’t back out of it, as my son would be late. I needed to confront it. So I put on my ‘power song’. I could feel the stress rising up inside of me, so started deep breathing and focussing on the positive, knowing I could do it- you have to believe you can do it in order to achieve it. As I approached the motorway slip road, I had tears streaming down my face. The accident had stopped me from trusting other drivers. Still breathing and crying, I pulled onto the motorway. Within a few minutes, my tears had turned into a smile, which turned to laughter. I was laughing because I had actually done it! I was driving confidently on the motorway! I was so proud of myself! The journey home was fine. I was Sam, the confident driver again. In fact, I had become confident Sam again, full stop. I suddenly realised it wasn’t my business and the trade-show I was fearful about- that was just masking the real fear- the motorway.

The trade-show was brilliant and I loved ‘selling’ myself and my business.

It’s often not the thing we are worrying about that is the actual main fear. Hit the root cause and the rest cascades like dominoes.

The key thing is you can only conquer your fears when you are ready. It took me eight weeks to go on a motorway and only because I had to, but I wouldn’t have been ready before. I have other fears to conquer and I will know when I’m ready. Sometimes, like having to go on the motorway, we just need that metaphorical push.

So what are your biggest fears?

Maybe they are holding you back from following your heart and dreams?

What’s stopping you from conquering your fears?

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