Mental Health Awareness Day

It’s mental health awareness day today. For some reason, mental health is still a ‘taboo’ subject for some people. No one has any issues talking about physical ailments like broken bones, painful hips or even a painful stomach. Yet if the illness/condition is a so called ‘invisible’ illness, people have trouble talking about it, or believing or understanding. In my experience, in my eleven years of fibromyalgia, CFS and anxiety, I found that people either didn’t believe me because ‘I looked ok’ or they were interested to know about it so they could try and gain understanding. That’s all that’s needed- knowledge so people can gain understanding.

So many people with any kind of mental illness feel alone. Sometimes it’s just enough to be with someone who totally gets it or tries to understand, if they’ve not actually experienced it. So that people can be themselves rather than hide behind a mask and pretend they are ok, which is what I did.

So how can you help raise awareness? How can you be there for someone with a mental health condition? How can you help improve the state of someone’s mental health?

This is why I became a master NLP practitioner- it helped me so much because it’s all about what you want and the positive. Help them to change their mindset. So now I help people to create the life they dream of.

Today, I am working alongside a colleague, to give empowerment and reiki sessions to workers in a business hub. All money will go towards MIND, which happens to be the hub’s chosen charity.

How could you be the difference that makes the difference?

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