The Greatest Love of All

So whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or whether you see it as one big commercial and marketing day for shop owners, we all have love in our lives in some shape or form.

There is one person that you can always rely on to be there for you. You! It’s a very powerful thing to be able to love yourself. I only started loving myself in November 2017, when I transformed so much at the end of the NLP practitioner course, when I recovered from fibromyalgia. I didn’t think very much of myself before that. I was very insecure, negative towards myself and I thought everyone was better than me. I didn’t think I was good enough. I had taken all the negative things I’d ever been told and believed them and let them take hold of me.

As I learnt to shatter some limiting beliefs, began to become positive and focus on what I wanted, I started to see how fabulous I was.

I have daily routines I do to help me stay calm and grounded and focus on me. I’ve been saying daily affirmations for 3 years. Now I actually believe them! Look into a mirror and say each of your affirmations three times, out loud and really breathe into the words and say them like you mean them, even if they aren’t true yet.

Mine include: I believe in myself

I love myself

I am good enough

I am strong and resilient

I have also practised gratitude every morning for three years. And I used to have a separate positive diary I wrote in every night. Now I put them all in a journal, along with my intentions for the day and extra affirmations I feel into on that day.

I meditate daily on waking and when possible, I go on a mindful walk.

I now look at myself and feel love for myself. I used to hate looking at anything other than my face. I felt ashamed of my body. Now I’m happy being me and I love myself unconditionally.

So go on, wish yourself a very happy valentine’s day and give yourself a hug and buy yourself a gift to show how much you love you! 💜💜

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You are awesome!

Mind Matters

As part of mental health awareness week, it is ‘Time to Talk Day’. Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 of us, yet people are afraid to talk about it. Time to Talk day encourages everyone to talk openly about mental health.

It helps break down stereotypes, improve relationships and recovery and take the stigma out of the still taboo subject that affects us all.

Mental health issues are very close to my heart. As well as someone close to me suffering from mental health issues, my mental health has improved greatly since discovering NLP and changing so much. I used to live constantly in my head, worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong , building things up until those worries made me ill. My inner self talk was very negative. I also took on everyone else’s negativity and issues. I believe that how all this came out in me, was through fibromyalgia and CFS. As well as recovering from them using NLP, I also became calmer, more confident, laidback and positive. And I no longer lived in my head. It wasn’t easy and whilst it took me a year and 3/4 to recover, I am still improving all the time.

I now have the tools to help me when I have stressful situations to deal with. I also find I live in the moment and deal with things that are thrown at me, at the time, rather than worrying about them like I used to, this enabling me to cope with them calmly.

I can be spontaneous and have fun, rather than living a life worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and worse case scenarios or reliving events from the past.

Life is for living in the now, not worrying about the past or future! I never thought I would ever get to a point that I would actually say that and mean it and do it!

If I can do that, anything is possible!

Peace and love to you all 💜✨🙏

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The Power of Vulnerability

I am a very open person, some say, too open- I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sometimes my openness makes me vulnerable and more open to being hurt.

In fact, as I’m writing this blog, I am feeling very vulnerable! Will I actually be brave enough to post it?! Yes, of course I will!

The dictionary definition of vulnerable is: “exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed either physically or emotionally. ”

I have been vulnerable many times in my life. And have been attacked and harmed physically and emotionally.

Including being bullied physically at 6 years old, verbally bullied at 11 years old (much more harmful to me) and in my 20s by so called friends. To name a few times of vulnerability I’m willing to mention!

In these examples, I let people use my vulnerability to make themselves feel more powerful, as bullies are usually cowards and prey on others who they deem as weaker and who won’t fight back.

Now I use my vulnerability to seek the truth. And even if that truth is hurtful, it can then help you to let go of what’s been holding you back, so you can move forward and it can also give you power. I have experienced the power of vulnerability and I now use it to make me stronger and to thrive rather than just survive.

I love the urban dictionary definition of vulnerability:

“Vulnerability is a chance to grow and shed pieces of the past.”

This is exactly how I see it.

“Being open and genuine about feelings of the heart, mind, body and soul. Trust without self judgement or fear of reaction and judgement from others.”

This describes me exactly!

It also goes on to say,” There is healing strength and power in having the confidence to admit, let go and forgive.”


There certainly is, and it has worked for me. And going back to the bully scenario of bullies thinking they are picking on weak people- being vulnerable is what has given me my strength. I used to let my vulnerability build up and I took all the negativity from it and let all those emotional and physical attacks stay with me and hold me back and I now believe it’s what contributed to me having fibromyalgia and cfs. Learning how to let go of this stuff through NLP was one of the keys to my recovery. I now know how to use vulnerability as my strength and from that I feel great power.

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Why hugs are often the best medicine

It’s national hug day today!

Those of you who know me well will know I love hugs! Maybe that’s why I mix in an dram, NLP and 5 Rhythms circles, as hugging is an essential part of all of those! 💜

So as well as feeling nice to hug someone for comfort, to say hello, to say you’re there for them, to say you care and so on, research shows that hugging has healing qualities.

Research shows that a deep close hug, with hearts pressing together can benefit you in many ways.

Scientists say that supporting someone through touch can reduce stress in the person being comforted and the person doing the comforting.

Firm hugs instantly boost levels of oxytocin, which heals feelings of anger and loneliness. Oxytocin increases levels of feel good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine, which has calming effects, lifts your mood and makes you feel happier.

Hugs bring us into the present moment.

With a hug you are giving and receiving. Showing us that love flows both ways.

Hugging someone relaxes us, thus releasing tension in the body.

Hugs balance the nervous system.

Energy is exchanged between two people hugging.

So next time you hug someone, remember all the benefits as well as the reason for the hug!

A quote on my website by Virginia Satir about hugging: “we need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”

So I’m off to find someone to hug!! 🤗🤗🤗

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What is the universe trying to tell me?

I’m sure there’s been lots of times in your life when everything is going well and then something happens to stop you in your tracks. It’s very easy to start thinking, why do these things always happen to me. And start thinking negatively and getting down about it.

What would happen if you breathed into it and asked, what is the universe trying to tell me? What message can I take from this situation? What silver lining can I find? What learning point can I take?

My most major thing was having fibromyalgia and cfs for eleven years. When after nine years, the symptoms were pushed to extreme levels by an operation, instead of accepting I would have to register disabled and be like this for life, I was desperate to find a way out. I did! And for being that ill, I am truly grateful. Because I would still have fibromyalgia and cfs now otherwise! Instead, I am fully recovered, a completely different person, calm, confident, laidback (I was never that before!!)and am now a master NLP practitioner helping others with chronic illness and other areas of health and well being.

Anyway, something happened to me last week- not as major as that, but it has stopped me in my tracks! Last week, I was dancing at my weekly 5 Rhythms I attend and I lost my footing, fell down and hurt my wrist. I drove home in agony and went to the hospital. It was put in a splint and after going back for x rays the next day, I was told I had fractured my wrist in one, maybe two areas. My goal in the last year was to be free. Suddenly I felt trapped. Suddenly, I couldn’t drive and I was reliant on my family and friends. I could have carried on being the ‘victim’ and wallowed in ‘woe is me’ self pity. Instead I realised that it is ok to ask for help. I help others if they are struggling, so surely, I could ask people to help me. And I have and am very grateful to those who have ferried me around and are going to ferry me around and to those who have helped out ferrying my children around! Also to my clients who have been very amenable.

So what was the universe saying to me? A friend told me that he’d been told when he broke his wrist, that maybe the universe is telling you to take a break. I thought about this. Yes, probably! I do tend to rush about doing lots of things! So I think it’s probably telling me to prioritise and just do the things I am able to. If I have to take a silver lining from breaking my right wrist (yes, I’m right handed!), it’s the following. I travel to most of my clients and I also travel to the home Ed students I tutor. I can’t drive at the moment! So, I have been video call tutoring, which has given me back an hour and a half of time when I would be travelling! Also, I have been Skyping clients or they are coming to me. I am always on the look out for new clients and I was wondering how I would fit them in and do all my other work. I think breaking my wrist was probably quite a drastic way of trying to work out how I transition from travelling to Skyping and clients coming to me!! However, it’s forced me into it and it’s given me some time back! So for that I’m grateful and I can move on from here, even when I can drive again! And start charging extra if I travel to clients.

So I am grateful for breaking my wrist, however painful and frustrating it is. And I am truly grateful to my lovely friends and family for driving me (and my children!) around. I truly appreciate it and realise how lucky I am.

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New Year, New You!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to my blog. I will tell you more about myself another time.

I was just wondering whether you’d made a new year’s resolution? Lots of people set goals at this time of year, as they start a new year. To lose weight, give up smoking, to do more exercise etc. But according to research less than 10% of them are kept by the end of the year. 25% of people have given up by the end of January.

Why is that?

Maybe people aren’t setting the right goal. If you just want to lose weight or do more exercise, try being specific. For example, how much weight would you like to lose? Which exercise specifically? Are you aiming to run 5km? Or go to the gym for 30mins three times a week? The more specific you are, the more likely you are to stick to it. Once you reach that, you can move the goal to another specific one.

Another thing to remember is to filter for positive. If you’re trying to lose weight and you focus on not being able to eat chocolate or cake, then you’re more likely to want to eat those things. If you focus on the food you can eat, like juicy strawberries or a tasty vegetable stir fry, then you will be more likely to stick to it.

Also when setting a goal, make sure it reflects what you actually want to achieve.

According to some research, it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Some research says this isn’t true and it takes much longer. Maybe that’s why lots of resolutions are broken by the end of January!

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